Heating and Cooling

During the summer or winter months, you need to have both air con and heating working in your vehicle. If you notice that your air con or heat isn’t working properly, don’t hesitate to give us a call and bring your vehicle into the shop for the experts to examine it.  Our certified technicians are experienced working with all makes and models of vehicles and may fix any problem you may experience.

The air con and heating systems in the vehicle are made from different working parts that filter air from outside. After the air is filtered, it’s either heated or cooled to your temperature setting and funneled through the air vents in your car. Since there are many various parts, the problem can occur at various stages of this process. If there’s a problem, you’ll notice that either the A/C or heating isn’t working properly.


If you notice any of the following signs, you understand that there is a problem with the air con or heating systems:


  • Air blowing out doesn’t match setting
  • Air is blowing out warm rather than cold when A/C is on
  • No air comes out of vents
  • Unusual noises or smells turned on


As soon as you notice any of the problems, give us a call at….. or stop by our service at……. Our mechanics will run a full inspection of your vehicle’s air con and heating systems to find out the exact cause of the problem. The problem can be caused by a leak, faulty pressure valves, bad compressor, clogged orifice tube, or simply low refrigerant. A problem with the heating system can stem from a nasty heater core. No matter the issue, we’ll pinpoint the issue quickly and return your vehicle back to its top working condition.

If your vehicle needs air con or heating repair in Toronto, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle into the experts here at ………………..