Avoid getting stranded due to a failed battery by having us replace your defective battery now.


Typically, the price of automobile battery replacement ranges between $……, including the cost of the installation. Pricing depends on the dimensions (size) of the battery – commonly the larger the engine, the larger and more expensive the battery.


Don’t compromise your safety. Get your brakes to work again with our best in Toronto brake repair services.

Only a few of us think about the brakes on a daily basis, but they’re a critical component of a car and may mean the difference between life and death in an emergency. Proper maintenance and a fast response to warning signs will make sure that your car will stop whenever you hit the brakes.

How does this system work?

Cars have brakes on all four wheels, which are operated by a mechanism. Your foot on the pedal pushes the pedal and therefore the force exerted by your leg is amplified several times by mechanical leverage. it’s further amplified by the action of the brake booster. A piston moves into the cylinder and squeezes the hydraulic fluid out of the end. Hydraulic brakes fluid is forced round the entire braking system and pressure is transmitted equally to all or any four brakes. The force creates friction between restraint (brake pad) and disk brake rotors, which successively stops your vehicle.